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Initial Coin Offering

The great future of blockchain technologisch

A fast, safe and secure full- services solution for your blockchain solution or ICO Initial Coin Offering. We have thought and worked out everything so that you do not have to ! ( full-service concept )

Blockchain ICO solution

we invented a new and unique full-service concept for your blockchain solutions or ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Our unique solutions for crowd sale and the participation of an active community with over 200.000 people will make it a great success. Our team of dedicated experts on their field will be at your services.

ICO Marketing

Our unique marketing strategy plans will boost up your sales to the maximum. We can offer a large active community to promote and do actives task to help boost up the sales and the crowdfunding.

Our unique full concept blockchain/ICO (Initial Coin Offering )

Business Consulting

Our skilled professionals will note down every single step of your specific needs. They will make an analyzes of the plans and requirements for your specific plan.

Legal advise

Corporate structures, licensing and contracts , our legal professionals will tempered proof your ICO.

Marketing Solutions

Our unique marketing process will make a guaranteed success of your ico solutions. We will bring active community up to 300.000 real active people that can do tasks to promote your ico (initial coin offering). We also will take best care landing pages, facebook accounts, promotions and everything else.

ICO Landing page

We will make a landing page with SEO ready or we can handle the full SEO procedure. We do the hosting and maintance of everything so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

ERC-20 Crowd sale Contract

we will custom create your crowd sale tokens ready for sale. They can be used with all Ethereum wallet we prefer the usages of myetherwallet.

Roadmap and whitepaper design

Our team will provide the full services solutions for the design and optimized text for a professional review.

Payment solutions

Up to 50+ different payments solutions we can provide for your ico (Initial Coin Offering).