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Blockchain technologies are offering a wide range of solutions for various industries and markets, supply chain, healthcare, charity, supply keeping, financial market, advertising, energy, real estate, automotive and much more. We provide blockchain applications services for entrepreneurs and businesses that are looking for a new innovative way to improve their business applications.

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We can help discussing your needs and how blockchain can be used in your specific field. We can do every single part of the development and research to make a tailor made solutions to fit your company’s needs.


We can implement smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain or other blockchains that are supporting smart contracts. It depends on your personal needs what kind of blockchain we are going to program to make a tailor-made solution. The code will facilitate, verify, and enforce the negotiation or performance of an agreement or transaction.

Crowd sale for ICO and tokens

We create safe and secure smart contracts or blockchain solutions for your ICO (Initial Coin Offerings). This is highly suitable for decentralized applications (dApps).


Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort hosted by The Linux Foundation, We can do private blockchain development on this project for example.


Like we all know Security is paramount in the blockchain industry. Our highly skilled team of blockchain enthusiasts and developers are familiar with security threats in this space and know how to develop secure code. So we can guarantee the safety and severity of your tailor made blockchain solutions.

Cryptocurrency Wallets

We develop safe and secure applications for cryptocurrency storage. So that everybody can share assets or trade cryptocurrency.


After we have a full understanding of your business requirements and objectives of your business. We will make a tailor-made plan of how we can fit in all your needs in the most efficient way possible. The development of your tailor made solutions will be done in several iterations. Then you are able to build up the project with us and provide feedback along the way. Then both parties are sure of a success cooperation and product.

All blockchain solutions and smartcontract developments are stress tested for an extensive period of time in different ways. So that we can comprehend any flaws or bugs so we can isolate and correct them. It’s also possible to help with the maintenance and support of your blockchain solution. We can guarantee a smooth cooperation and a stable and bug free blockchain solution that will fit all your needs as a client.

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